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It is a pleasure to be of service to my Winnipeg community through osteopathy and athletic therapy.

In my practice, I work with people experiencing health challenges such as pain, injury, or illness who are seeking hands-on, holistic, and empowering support. I love to problem solve with both osteopathy’s “everything-is-connected” and athletic therapy’s “movement-is-medicine” philosophies in mind. I find this unique lens helps foster in my clients a deeper knowing of their bodies and provides fresh insight for how they may steer the trajectory of their health towards greater vibrancy.

Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to support 
a diverse clientele, from Team Canada and Team Manitoba athletes on the field to community members of various professions and life stages in the clinic. Most recently, clinical locums on Vancouver Island and the Yukon have brought the excitement of working in new places! I am grateful for my sunny home office and inspiring colleagues at Prairie Manual Therapy, located in the central and lively neighbourhood of West Broadway in Winnipeg. 

My clients are my best teachers.
I look forward to learning with you!


Akosua Knowles

DipOMP, DipScO, CAT(C), BSc Kin
Osteopathic Manual Therapist and Certified Athletic Therapist 

Prairie Manual Therapy

98 Sherbrook St., suite 200

Winnipeg, MB, R3C 2B3

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