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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy that seeks to promote the harmonic functioning of the body's structure, so that Health, innate and ever-present within us all, is expressed through the whole.

Treatment involves gentle compression and stretch of the tissues (i.e. muscles, joints, organs, fascia), often in coordination with specific muscular contraction from the client themselves, to promote normal tissue tone, circulation, and mobilityThough most commonly people seek osteopathic treatment to address pain or mobility issues, the whole-body approach of osteopathy can also support digestive, reproductive, and mental health. Osteopathy is an excellent compliment to other therapeutic approaches. 

The scope of an osteopathic manual therapist differs from that of an osteopathic physician (DO). DOs are medical doctors trained in American osteopathic medical colleges. Unlike DOs, osteopathic manual therapists do not make medical diagnoses, prescribe medicine, or perform surgery. Please know that osteopathy is not a substitution for medical evaluation/ treatment.

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